ImageAges 3-5: Our theme today was dreams.  Children expressed feelings through facial and physicalizations, learned stage directions, embraced characters through magic curtain, strengthened voices utilizing the terms projection and enunication, learned characterization; discussed, embraced and acted out roles in the story “Cinderella“.  Children colored their favorite cinderella character based on the theme of dreams and sculpted each of their classmates in their picture.
Ages 6-10: Our theme today was dreams. This is an advanced class and I was able to work through several techniques I normally don’t even introduce until middle school.  Children expressed feelings through facial, physicalizations, and vocalizations.  We learned relaxation in the voice, how to breathe using the diaphram and focusing the voice through breath.  By assuming roles and improvising through performance, students embraced characterization; discussed, and acted out roles in Dr. Seuss’ “What was I scared of?“. Children colored their concept of dreams and aspirations based on today’s theme.

September Weekly Recaps: Week 4


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