Miss Kris serves as the President, Founder and Artistic Director and Puppet teacher of the Shakespeare’s Sister Company.

For the past ten years, Kris has worked as a professional actress and teaching artist with several non-profit theater companies in the five boroughs of New York.  In 2000, Kris was awarded a community award for her puppet show “Scamper and Champ” that toured the North Carolina coasts teaching children about coping with grief caused by the devastation of hurricanes.  In 2009, she was awarded the “Certificate of Appreciation” Plaque by CAMBA for her Women’s Theater Workshop Program. In 2010, Kris was nominated for both the Brooklyn Do-Gooder Awards and the Union Square Awards for her Arts in the Shelters outreach program.  In 2011, she was awarded a $2500 grant from the Lucius and Eva Eastman Fun dedicated to the children’s acting and puppet playdates. Kris holds a Bachelor of Science in Theater Education from East Carolina University.  She’s a four year old at heart and LOVES puppets!


As a little girl, I’ve learned how to socialize and create stories through my best friends who happened to be puppets and stuffed animals.  I would spend hours (just ask my parents 🙂  in my room creating different characters with my animal friends, giving voices and accents to them and slowly creating a play with everything else in my room.  The room became my stage, the stuffed animals my leading actors and the Barbie, transformers and GI Joes served as the town folk.  Only in a child’s imaginative brain can one think up this fantastic of a scenerio. 

As I got older and continued to harness these skills, I applied my love of theater to storytelling and eventually to teaching where I see every child’s inner moment of how they play creatively and structure it in a way where they make their stories and choices very specific.  We learn why characters do what they do and I challenge my students to keep their imaginations to explore the stories and communication they are wanting to convey.

As a theater education major, I’ve been looking forward to using my love for teaching in the creative curriculum to create a program where a diverse community of children have the opportunity to learn socialization and story structure through theater games and puppets!


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